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We conceived DQventures to help experienced professionals – who may otherwise have too much to lose and therefore never start something of their own – to found and launch their own startup. We’re essentially a business builder platform, run by a team of startup folk who made their careers in technology, business, and venture capital. You see, what we’ve learned over more than a decade of investing in early-stage businesses, is that those most likely to succeed are also the least likely to get started – people in their late 30s to 50s, who know an industry inside out, have identified a problem, and know exactly what’s required to fix it.

Those most likely to succeed are often those least capable of trying.

After our first year of bootstrapping (a year most people will remember for Covid!) we’ve launched 4 companies and almost launched 4 more. The typical profile of one of our portfolio founders is bright, mid-career, high-earner, extensive network, and ultra-determined. Often they have been working on their startup idea for some time. Actually bringing something to life, however, has proven too hard. For such people, the financial pressures that come with their stage of life are too strong. Giving it all up to launch a business is potentially catastrophic. Frankly, it may also be unwise.

These are exactly the people DQventures can help. We come in as co-founders, de-risk the process by applying decades of startup and investing experience, and do the lion’s share of the work for the first few months. Once the idea is somewhat validated – probably with some kind of prototype and an initial group of users or customers – we help the founder to raise capital. This way many of the unknowns and problems that come with a brand new business have been removed.

The best version of yourself

The latest venture for DQventures is very close to our hearts. Based in Australia, it’s the brainchild of a truly unique entrepreneur, who’s worked his way up from mechanic to becoming a board member of a listed company. The idea is to create a platform that helps anyone take control of their own career and destiny, ensuring the work they’re doing day-to-day is aligned, not only with their KPIs, but also with their own values, strengths, and personal objectives.

The intention is to help people become the best version of themselves, ensuring that they’re spending their time on things that deliver the right impact – both for themselves and for those around them. It also helps them identify things they find difficult. Where there are gaps, they’ll be empowered to seek out help and support, either in the form of online resources, or as just-in-time training, mentoring, and professional coaching.

Why find a co-founder

Every DQventures business is different, and this one is no exception. The personal circumstances of our founder are such that he will be unable to join the business full time for the next 18-36 months. As such, we’re looking for a co-founder. We want someone to provide the time, energy, and ambition to help us take this business from concept to prototype. Together, we will leverage our combined expertise and networks, onboard our first users, and pitch to investors. It’s a full-time founder role, and not for the faint-hearted.

There are advantages over going it alone. Not only will the co-founder come into a business that already has momentum, but also they will have four very experienced business partners. The founder is providing some seed capital – not enough to pay a salary, but enough to cover the cost of doing business, to put together a prototype, and for some experimental marketing. There’s also the benefit of DQ’s expertise in technology, business building, marketing, and funding – not to mention the ready-made community of investors.

The successful candidate will help us shape the idea. We will create a working prototype, launch it to an initial target user base, form the start of a marketing campaign, and prepare to raise the first round of external capital. There will be a chance to pitch to the DQinvestments seed funding committee, and to connect with our extensive network of angel investors. We also believe there’s an opportunity to create a community – a movement of people who believe in becoming the best version of themselves, and helping others achieve the same.

If this sounds like a challenge you would be interested by, or you know someone who’s dying to launch their own thing, we’d love to talk. We’re easy to find on LinkedIn or, even better, see if you can get referred to us by one of our mutual connections.

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Kickstart your business without quitting your day job

DQventures is the only venture investor worldwide to support aspiring founders who cannot afford to give up full-time employment.

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