Finding angel investors, purpose, and pole dancing.

by | Feb 2022 | Early-Stage Capital

Watch DQventures co-founder, James Green, speaking with Stakeholderz VP of Operations, Megan Snijman, about the best ways for early-stage startup founders to connect with angel investors.

A former founder herself, Megan has seen hundreds of different pitches, and is often surprised about the chasm between founders and early-stage investors they often seek to impress.

What makes this conversation particularly interesting, is Megan’s take on what it means to be entrepreneur and the fundamental importance of purpose. As Megan says:

Being a founder is the toughest thing someone can do, in the work world.

James put Megan on the spot, somewhat, by asking Megan whether she’s discovered her own purpose, which leads to some fascinating insights into Megan’s own career, and the story behind her founding her own pole dancing studio in Johannesburg.

It’s hard to get through a 40-minute conversation these days, but Megan’s honesty and openness make this well worth a watch.

Here are links to some of the topics and platforms discussed:

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