We’re hiring a Venture Builder


Welcome to DQventures, where we’re reinventing the venture building ecosystem, one idea at a time.

We help experienced professionals launch startups without quitting their job (at least not until their idea has been validated, with proof of traction, and enough revenue OR investment capital raised to pay themselves a liveable salary).

Sidenote: know someone who has a startup idea but is stuck in their corporate job? Pop us on their radar or send them this link.

At our core, we’re a small team, but don’t let our size fool you. We pack a punch with our diverse skills and experiences, hailing from various corners of the globe. We’re united by our passion for turning ideas into thriving startups. For us, every day is an adventure in creativity, learning, and pushing boundaries. We believe that work should be something you love and that excites you every morning, so we strive to create that kind of culture in our team.

Joining us means you’re not just taking a job; you’re becoming a key player in a passionate team that supports and challenges each other. We’re looking for someone who shares our vision, brings their unique flavour to the table, and is ready to dive into the exhilarating world of startups. So, if you’re looking to make a real impact and grow alongside a bunch of ambitious, tech-loving entrepreneurs, you might just fit right in with us at DQventures. Let’s innovate, disrupt, and enjoy the journey together! 🚀💡🌍


The Role

As a Venture Builder / Go-To Market Specialist at DQventures, you will play a crucial role in the lifecycle of our startup ventures. Your primary responsibility will be to validate startup ideas and actively contribute to various stages of their development and launch. This is a unique opportunity to shape your role and make a significant impact in an entrepreneurial environment.

We’re a fully remote team, so you can work from anywhere!


Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead the testing and validation process for new startup ideas, after they’ve already been through the “problem validation” stage.
  • Brief and collaborate with our freelance WordPress developers to design and build compelling landing pages, with a focus on conversion.
  • Utilize strong copywriting and design skills to create persuasive and visually appealing content.
  • Identify and evaluate the most suitable marketing/sales channels for each startup idea. Be savvy in testing these channels, understanding the nuances of each, and determining the most effective approaches for audience engagement and conversion.
  • Brief and collaborate with our partner agency to create Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). If you’ve had experience in Product Management or worked directly with developers before, that’s a plus.
  • Establish a system for gathering and analyzing customer feedback post-launch. Use this feedback to refine messaging and marketing strategies.
  • Weekly 1-1 calls with startup founders going through the idea validation & MVP validation phases of the DQventures launch process. Think of yourself as a combination of their coach, mentor and temporary co-founder.
  • Manage and optimize the launch-budget to ensure the most efficient use of resources for maximum impact.
  • Consume all the content you can find on how to launch new products into competitive and challenging markets.
  • Leverage AI to make your job more efficient and effective.

In this role, you’ll need to be not just a strategist but also an executor, capable of thinking big while also diving into the details and bringing things to life.



  • Entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for startups
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills, comfortable in a remote working environment
  • Some experience with coaching / mentoring
  • Proactive, self-starter, with great problem solving skills
  • GTM experience in areas related to early stage startups such as developing marketing strategies, launching ad campaigns, writing copy for landing pages, etc
  • Experience writing product briefs / working with designers or developers
  • SaaS experience is a major plus
  • Angel investing experience is a plus
  • Ex-founders most welcome

How to Apply:

Apply here before February 11th 2023: dqventures.com/join