Interview with James Green, DQventures co-founder.

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In this video you’ll see DQ co-founder, James Green, discussing startup life, angel investing and how DQventures helps senior professionals transition from the corporate world into owning and running their own company.

James is talking to successful entrepreneurs, investors and podcasters, Richard Lucas and Kimon Fountoukidis. Richard is a British entrepreneur and investor, who for many years was based in Poland. Kimon, who was born in New York, went from selling t-shirts door to door to running a global translation services company.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The strikingly different life circumstances between the different founders.
  • Trying to be the good guys of the venture world.
  • Bursting first-time founders’ bubbles.
  • Idea validation and building a CRM from day one.
  • Helping people start a company before they resign from their job.
  • Doing a job you want to do rather than one you have to do.
  • How it feels when your startup fails.
  • Two common ways to lose $100K of your own money on startups.
  • What is startup success?
  • Succeed or fail – either way, you are not your business.
  • However bad the failure feels at the time, it will heal.
  • A winner is just a loser who never gave up.
  • Founders can be their own worst enemy because there’s nobody to tell them they’re wrong.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of mentorship.
  • The benefits of being kind.
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