Investment deck review: EMotive

by | Jan 2022 | Early-Stage Capital

This is a first attempt at an investment deck review – courtesy of friend of DQventures, Dan Regan, who happens to be the Managing Director of Southwest England EV startup, EMotive.

The point of this video is to show first-time founders, in this case, Dan, how early-stage investors like us look at decks.

The key takeaway here is that less is more. Decks should be about building intrigue, with just enough information to make the investor want some additional info. Ideally the goal of an investment deck is to work as a teaser – it should get you replies, questions, and meeting requests.

Different investors will have different questions – some will want to dive deeply into the tech, others will want to know who your customers are. You can only get into that much detail by having a conversation. The purpose of the deck is to give just enough to ensure that conversation takes place. The deck itself is not about telling the whole story – your audience simply won’t give you that much time.

Dan, I hope you found this useful. I love what you guys are doing, and will be following your progress with interest. Cheers!

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