SaaS funding benchmarks.

by | Sep 2023 | Early-Stage Capital

Early-stage VC, Christoph Janz, of Point Nine Ventures, produces an annual document he calls the “SaaS Napkin”. It’s a summary of the key benchmarks Christoph has witnessed across the world of SaaS funding, and it’s a useful reference point for anyone who’s building – and raising money for – a rapidly-growing SaaS company. It’s too good not to share.

If you’re an early-stage SaaS founder, make a cup of something hot and take a few minutes to digest the table below. It’s basically your roadmap to building a successful, VC-funded business.

2023 SaaS Napkin

Here’s this year’s version:

2023 SaaS Napkin by Christoph Janz

2022 SaaS Napkin

Here’s the 2022 version by way of comparison.

2022 SaaS Napkin

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– Featured image Stephen Dawson.
SaaS Napkin by Christoph Janz.

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