Seeking our next technical cofounder

by | Dec 2023 | Start a Company

Please help: do you know anyone like this? πŸ‘‡

Having raised capital for DQventures, we’re looking for 4 – 6 more people to start a company with. This time, we’re particularly interested in CTOs, developers and techies, who know how to build their product, but who are less confident about go-to-market, fundraising and running a business.

That’s where DQventures comes in.

We’ll help them launch a “minimum viable business” over the course of 6-to-12 months – without them needing to quit their job – helping them validate, de-risk and fund their idea before they take any irreversible steps.

Although we know a lot of wonderful people who went “all in”, it’s a little bit crazy to leave a well-paid job to start a business from scratch. For anyone who’s further into their career, with bills to pay and dependents to support, it’s even more risky.

Kickstart your business without quitting your day job

DQventures is the only venture investor worldwide to support aspiring founders who cannot afford to give up full-time employment.

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