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Hello friends!
We already shared pics of Ol and James, so now it’s Arjun’s turn. Here he is with the other love of his life (outside of DQ)… his favourite sunglasses daughter, Thea. (By the way, we thought founding startups was hard… until we tried getting a photo of Arjun. He’s like our very own Howard Hughes!)

In this update

Private investments

As usual, there’s been plenty of movement in our private portfolios. Here’s a snippet, and a few opportunities to get involved (although this is not financial advice).

  • Exits are always welcome. Scottish company, CandidateID, just announced its acquisition by ICIMS. It’s not exactly a power law exit, but it’s a decent return of 3x in 2.5 years.
  • A number of Antler’s portfolio companies have raised significant rounds now too (e.g. XanPool, Appboxo, Reebelo, and Homebase). Others don’t need to raise. Hodlnaut now has >$500m AUM! (If you want to earn up to 12% interest on your crypto, like James, you can get $30 by signing up with James’ referral code.)
  • Off-highway electric vehicle designer, EMotive, closed its UK crowdfunding round successfully in Feb. We helped by reviewing the deck. Presumably the success therefore is mostly down to DQ. EMotive’s team is now fielding enquiries from all over the world. Exciting!
  • For anyone interested in impact investing, UK-based, CCell, is about to raise £1m. The company will continue preventing shore erosion with its patented artificial reefs, which, based on the last few days, might be welcome news for Oliver and others living near Sydney’s beaches. This is a surprisingly big market opportunity, and CCell has solid commercial traction. It may not have unicorn potential, but we feel it’s a worthy cause.
  • Check out this great story about Graphene Composites. The company signed an agreement with a partner in Canada, only to find the agreement quickly cancelled. Shortly afterwards, the partner launched its own, very similar, competing technology, despite having no expertise in the area. Pretty brazen!

Public markets

Please tell us you followed in our footsteps and bought into the commodities sector after our last update? We’re up about 40% since then. The best performing stocks were those we discovered through Scott Osheroff’s very transparent Telegram channel. Scott even shared his personal portfolio, with the weighting of each stock therein. His returns over the last 3 years have been 138%, 211%, and 45% YTD. We’re encouraging him to manage our money via a fund. So far he’s resisted…!

Recession or not?

We’re not economists but we do read a lot. This is our pick:

  • Here’s a great article arguing why there won’t be a recession.
  • Here’s a good explanation of why there will be one.
  • Listen to Greece’s excellent ex-finance minister on when capitalism ended.
  • Watch Ray Dalio explain why we’re facing a “changing world order”.

DQventures update

We were recently asked if we’d like to get acquired. It was done in a lighthearted way (maybe) but it was further validation of what we’re building.

Several of our portfolio companies are becoming exciting too.

  • WeNetwork is going from strength to strength. Rob believes the SG office alone is on track for >$2m revenue in 2022. He’s opened an office in Sydney, and along with his partners in Indonesia, is planning to open Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam in due course. If you need to hire, or are a recruiter in these markets, we highly recommend a chat with Rob.  
  • The Socioly app looks amazing. If you hate wasting time arranging mutually convenient times for meetups, you can sign up as a beta tester here. This app solves the problems of coordinating get-togethers in a very elegant way.
  • Zenn is launching in April. It’s a design service for busy professionals – doing for those without time or creative talent what Canva has done for wannabe designers. Provided you’re not “a creative type” (see Canva), let us know if you’re in the market for a logo or marketing collateral… Steve might do a deal.
  • MyHeroInMe has morphed from a B2B software platform to a personal AI, with the lofty aim of becoming the next FAANG. It’s a punchy goal, but not impossible… The MVP should launch within weeks. If you’re not satisfied at work, or are questioning what it’s all for, you’d make a great test user. Sign up to the brand new, private Facebook group here.

Did you miss it?

James’ interview with Megan Snijman from UK angel network, Stakeholderz, showed exactly what we look for in founders – passion, purpose, and founder-market fit. You can watch the whole interview here, but arguably the best bit, about pole dancing no less, is below. If you know anyone like this, we’d love an intro!

More reading:

Wishing you a wonderful Q2.

See you in June.

All the best,

James, Arjun, and Oliver

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