What we do.

We’re de-risking entrepreneurship.

Validate & launch your startup while still in your day job.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. But when you get to a certain stage of life, the risk of quitting your job to launch a tech company is higher. There’s a mortgage to pay, maybe kids under your roof, and life is just more expensive than it was in your twenties!

We’re here to help you take the shot. Stay employed in your current job, and we’ll work with you to validate your idea.

our method

Welcome to DQventures.

Developed by some of the industry’s top experts, our step by step venture building process is built on lean startup methodology to prioritize customer discovery, hypothesis testing, rapid prototyping, continuous feedback and iteration.

When we work together, we go through this process to massively increase your chances of launching a successful business.

A few of our startups…

Our Approach

We like to solve problems (and hope you do too).

We don’t believe in building things that are “a cool idea”. We know the ideas that have the best chance of success are those that do one (or both) of the following:

a. Saves people time – particularly in their job
b. Makes businesses money

Does your idea fit into these categories? If so, we definitely want to hear from you!

Our Approach

We work with both technical & non-technical founders. 

Our venture building process is flexible – we divide responsibilities based on your own skillset and which areas you want (and have time) to work on.

We love working with all kinds of founders, whether you can code or not. Approx 80% of the founders we’ve partnered with are non-technical, 20% are software engineers.

Our Venture Building Process

At each step, we have different things that need to be done. Some will be done by you in your free time, and some will be done by our team of experts. We’re in this together, side by side.


Idea & Business Model Validation

MVP Development
& Validation


Business Setup & Funding


Let’s dig into the Problem.

Problem Validation is where we dive deep to ensure your idea tackles a real need.

We’ll work with you to put on your detective cap to interview users, analyze pain points, and uncover who’s truly feeling the pinch.

It’s about validating the heart of your startup idea, ensuring it solves a genuine problem for real people. This step isn’t just due diligence—it’s the foundation for building something that truly resonates.


Then test out ideas.

Once we’re sure the problem exists and know exactly who experiences it, we start testing solutions. Think of it as the litmus test for your startup’s core concept and its underlying business model.

We run smoke tests and craft experiments to gauge real-world interest and feedback. It’s not just about seeing if an idea sticks; it’s about validating the viability and sustainability of how you plan to make it a success.

This critical stage helps us fine-tune your vision, ensuring it’s not just a flash in the pan but a solution poised for long-term impact and profitability

MVP development

Now we’ll build an MVP.

An MVP (minimum viable product) is an extremely early version of a product with just enough features to be usable by your first users and validate if people will use it.

It usually takes us under 1 month to conceptualize, design and build an MVP, and it can take many different forms (here’s 10+ types of MVPs).

The goal is always to launch something as fast as possible that can give us the validation we need to see that we’re on the right track.

MVPs built the smart way

There’s no need to spend months writing code to bring your MVP to life. We use no-code tools, integrations and prototypes to validate faster.


We’ll launch it to a small group of early users.

Launch time! Here we’re validating that your product meets the users’ needs and also prompts them to become your first paying customers.

This moment is pivotal—it’s about putting your MVP into action and gauging its ability to attract and retain a user base.

Success here signals that your startup is viable – you were correct in your belief that this idea is needed in the world, and a business can be built with you leading it.


Then we create your business plan.

Crafting your business plan isn’t about filling pages with buzzwords and wishful thinking. It’s about setting up a practical roadmap that actually makes sense for your startup.

We’ll work together to figure out where you’re headed, pinpoint the milestones that matter, and sketch out a financial forecast that doesn’t require a crystal ball to understand.

It’s about planning for the future while staying nimble enough to zig when the market zags. Think of it as your startup’s game plan, designed to navigate the twists and turns of growing your business.


Raise funding or bootstrap to profitability.

Next up, we hit a crucial crossroads: deciding whether to raise funding or bootstrap your way to profitability.

We’ll get the formalities sorted by incorporating your company, laying the groundwork for what comes next. If you’re eyeing investors, we’ll create your pitch deck and guide you through the fundraising maze. But remember, there’s no pressure to take that route. Bootstrapping is equally on the table, offering a path to grow at your own pace, fuelled by your revenue.

The ultimate goal? To get you to a point where you can confidently leave your day job and dive full-time into your startup.

We both invest together

We ask for you to contribute USD $20k towards the costs of validating your startup idea. We cover the rest of the costs involved in exchange for 20% ownership in the company, as your early stage co-founder.

Approximate cost breakdown

Ownership breakdown


Featured Startup

From idea to $5 million valuation

in 12 months

We helped Steve in Sydney validate his idea for an AI generated design software and raise AUD $800,000 in investor funding.

He’s now quit his job to focus on Zenn.com

Want to be our next success story?

Digital Solutions

Frequently asked questions.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! See if we’ve answered your questions below, and if not then contact us.

Is this an MBA alternative?
Some people have described working with the DQventures as an alternative to an MBA, as you learn a lot of new skills and gain a solid understanding of what’s involved in early stage entrepreneurship.

However an MBA usually costs between $50k – $200k and after graduating you still need to do the work needed to validate and launch your startup idea.

With DQventures, you skip the cost of an MBA and jump straight into doing the practical steps needed to validate an early stage business – with the end goal of creating a funded or profitable startup that enables you to quit your job.

How much does it cost?

We require you to contribute USD $20k towards the costs of validating your startup idea.

This is invoiced in four monthly instalments of $5k.

The first invoice is sent on the day you sign on with DQventures, with the remaining invoices sent the 1st business day of each month.

If at any point in the first month you change your mind and want to stop working with the DQ team, or if during the Problem Validation stage we all discover there isn’t actually a commercial problem that needs solving, we’ll cancel your remaining invoices.

Note: it costs us a lot more than $20k to validate a startup, but we cover the rest of the costs ourselves as our investment into you.

Is DQventures an accelerator / incubator?

No we’re not! Accelerators and incubators generally work in cohorts with large groups of people going through a program together, with the focus being on learning how to build and scale your startup. They don’t do any of the actual work for you, you have to do it all yourself.

DQventures works 1 on 1 with you, and we do a lot of the hands-on work ourselves. Every startup has different needs so the work will vary, as we act as your co-founder filling your skill gap but a few of the things we usually take care of for you include:

* plan, write copy for, design and build the landing pages / websites

* create and set up ad campaigns

* build the MVP and create documentation

* map out the GTM strategy (and then roll it out)

* develop your business plan

* write & design your pitch deck (if you decide you want to raise investment)

* incorporate the company with all legal paperwork

How much do you invest into my startup?
We don’t invest cash directly like a typical investor. Instead, we work on the idea inside DQventures and invest our own cash and internal resources doing whatever it takes to validate the idea.

Note: other than your own $20k investment into this validation process, you won’t pay for any of the expenses involved – we pay for everything

How much equity do you take?
When we incorporate the company you will own 80% and DQventures will own 20%.
How long does it take?
It usually takes between 4 – 8 months to go through the full process. We go at your own pace.
Will I have time to do this alongside my job?

Absolutely – we go at your own pace, and our team does a lot of the work while you’re working in your current job. We have a one hour call each week, and ask that you find at least 2 extra hours each week to work alongside us.

Does DQventures stay involved after I raise funding?

Absolutely. Once you finish the DQventures validation process we’ll take a step back from the day to say work but we’ll remain as your team of advisors for whenever you need help or have questions.

Ultimately, this is your company so you’ll take over the reins once it has been incorporated. We’ll always be available for you in our Slack channel and with monthly office hours (optional) as your trusted advisors.

Am I legally allowed to do this while employed?

We’re unable to get legal advice, so we recommend that you review your contract with a lawyer.

Common sense will also apply here, such as not working on your idea during work hours or on a work laptop / device.

Do I have to quit my corporate job at the end?
We do request that you don’t apply to partner with us unless you are willing to give up your corporate job once the startup is in a position to pay you a living wage.

Keep in mind that corporate salaries are generally much higher than startup founder salaries, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to replace your existing salary fully (at least not for a few years).

Have a think about what the minimum salary is that you’d need to support yourself (and your family, if applicable), and we can chat together before you partner with DQventures about whether that would be feasible or not as a starting salary.

What happens if my startup idea fails validation?

There are a few different stages where the startup might fail validation.

During the problem validation stage, we may find that there isn’t a specific group of people who experience this problem deeply enough to care.

During the idea validation stage, we may find nobody wants the solution you’ve envisioned (or any other iterations of it we’ve thought of).

During the business model validation stage, we may find that people want the solution but nobody is willing to pay for it (or it’s not commercially viable due to low margins or low revenue per user).

During the MVP validation phase, although by this point we should have heavily de-risked things, there’s still a chance that it may fail validation if we’re unable to get your first group of paying customers.

We’ll never make a decision without you also being in agreement, so you’ll have the option at each stage of the process to stop if we all believe that validation is failing.

If you decide to stop before all 4 invoices have been issued, we’ll cancel your future invoices so you won’t have to pay for them.

If your startup fails validation at the end of the whole process, we’ve both lost a bit of money but luckily you hadn’t quit your job to try this out!

Do I have to raise funding at the end?
You don’t have to, but unless we’ve already got your company generating enough profits to pay yourself a salary then we do recommend it. Being able to go full time on your startup makes a huge difference, to both the company itself and also your own well being!